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In this video, my puppet friend, Koko the Monkey, and I talk to school age kids (and their parents) about what it's like coming to see me for therapy, with the aim of helping them feel more comfortable. It has a lighthearted and funny tone - and Koko just might steal the show a bit!

Choosing a Therapist

Choosing the right therapist makes a big difference if how helpful they will be. I encourage you to contact me and ask me questions about my services, my approach, how things will work and any other questions you may have, to help you decide if I'm a good fit for you. The article below from CBC Online shares a number of good ideas for choosing a therapist for virtual therapy (which is also one of the ways I work).

Links to other cool stuff

In my therapy work with people, I find myself sometimes sharing references to songs that speak to a situation in someone's life, websites and resources and so on that might be interesting/helpful to them. I've chosen to share some here, in case anyone else might be interested:

Sometimes when talking with people about the end of a romantic relationship, this Paul Simon song with a little bit of a different take on breakups comes up:

50 Way to Leave Your Lover

(apologies for the ads at the beginning of this YouTube video)

Winnipeg's own Andrew Harris, not only born and raised here but also star player for the Winnipeg Blue Bombers, has developed a site called #CheckInChallenge, in which he not only encourages us to check in with people we haven't talked to for a while about how they're really doing during the stressful time of the COVID-19 pandemic, but also linking to valuable mental health and community resources in the city and province:

Good news in a world with too much bad news!

There is plenty of research that too much bad news affects our mood and outlook on the world in a negative way - and also that hearing good news has the opposite effect!

David Byrne, lead singer of the band Talking Heads, started collecting good news stories as an alternative or remedy to so much of what we see wrong in the world, and it turned into a major project that now collects and shares remarkable stories of good things happening around the world: reasons-to-be-cheerful

A woman in Winnipeg started sending out her own good news newsletter recently in response to so much doom and gloom about the pandemic. Follow Jessica Dearborn on Instagram: goodnewswpg where you can sign up to receive her weekly email about good things in the Winnipeg community :)

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