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Therapy during the 

COVID-19 pandemic

While the Code Red pandemic restrictions last in Manitoba, I am holding all therapy meetings via secure video conference or telephone.

How things  work for virtual meetings

For video conference or telephone meetings, I recommend people find a quiet, private space to talk - perhaps a home office, your bedroom, or even your car. If you prefer to meet by phone, you let me know what number you'd like to use, and I call you at the appointment time we've agreed on in advance.

For video conference meetings, I'm happy to use any of the common video platforms you may prefer (see below*). I most commonly use one called, which is designed for virtual medical appointments. It's very easy to use with almost any internet enabled device that has audio and video capabilities, and works from most browsers. At the start time of the appointment, you click on this link: and type your name and give permission to the platform to use your microphone and camera, and that puts you into my "virtual waiting room". I see you're there, I click on your name, and we appear on each other's screens - simple as that! The service is end-to-end encrypted, doesn't store any data on you from attending an appointment, and is compliant with many of the most well-known personal and electronic information protection and privacy standards (PIPEDAPHIPA, HIPAA and GDPR).


*If you have another video platform such as Zoom, FaceTimeSkype or others that you'd prefer to use, I'm quite willing to accommodate that.  

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